Here is a list of useful resources for users of open-source software and libraries for image processing, graphics creation and photo retouching.

 Blogs, magazines and forums

logo_lgw Libre Graphics World is an online magazine for creatives using free applications for digital painting, graphic and web design, desktop publishing, photography and CAD. We focus on news, tutorials and articles to provide you most up to date information about evolution of these applications and best practices.
 meetthegimp-logo-SM1 Meet the GIMP is a fantastic web site where you can find more than 200 video tutorials about the use of GIMP and other open-source software for image creation and retouching.
 GIMP-Magazine-New-Logo-Square-SM GIMP Magazine is a free and collaborative magazine focused on GIMP, with a lot of artworks and interesting tutorials in it.
 K1TesseraEna_banner GIMP Chat is a friendly forum where you will find a lot of artists and script developers mastering GIMP
toto is a site (still under-construction) that proposes tutorials about photography and workflow based on using only free and open-source software.


logo_patdavid Pat Davids blog on open-source photography. Patrick shares a lot of useful techniques and write tutorials for photography, all based on open-source software.
 logo_revoy David Revoy is a talented French illustrator who use open-source software for designing beautiful illustrations. There is a Tutorial section on his website which teaches a lot of advanced techniques for creating graphics.
garry Garry Osgood‘s blog is a great place to find well-written articles about his image processing experiments. Garry is a pedagogue writer, transforming complex image processing concepts into understandable and lovely stories.